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our philosophy is all about balancing the healthy side of life with the ‘naughty but nice’ side so that we feel happy, fulfilled and healthy. we want to live life to the full so we plan to eat well 80% of the time and know that no food or drink is ever off limits. we get our nutrients from natural, unprocessed foods and follow a regular and enjoyable exercise pattern that fits in with our lives. through these daily habits we live in fit, strong bodies that feel great! when we need to run, we do so with ease, we can walk up big flights of stairs two at a time and we feel great in our clothes and even on the beach

we do all of this with no powdered training supplements or even a strict training regime. we want to enjoy life and although we want to look good, we don’t want to spend most of our lives at the gym or following a restrictive diet to look like a super model. what a waste of all that delicious food!

when working with you we look at the big picture. It’s not just about exercise but also food, water intake, lifestyle habits, sleep patterns, toxic load and very importantly, goal setting. after an initial chat we blend a combination of sessions to best suit your needs. we focus on setting you up properly from the start with a clear direction and detailed plan which you are then held accountable to

If you are interested in learning more, sign up for a complimentary health chat where we discuss your goals and see what it will take to get you to where you want to be

The-Ultimate-Chocolate-and-Avocado-TorteSimple, healthy

and great for entertaining!


The-Ultimate-Chocolate-and-Avocado-TorteDelicious, healthy

... and ready in 1 minute! :)


cyclisntsGo walking, jogging, cycling or rollerblading as a regular habit. Even thirty minutes a day adds up to 3 hours a week.

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EggsSome practical information this month. Save time and money with this quick guide to finding great quality food If you know of any other magic spots I’d love to hear about them.




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